3 Factors to Consider for Container Gardens

containerYou can grow just about anything in a container, so limited space should not keep you from having a vegetable or flower garden that you love. Whether you want to grow container gardens of herbs close to your kitchen for the perfect spaghetti or grow roses in containers in the house so that you’ll always have a romantic bouquet on hand when you need one, there are three factors that will help you have success, even if your thumb isn’t very green.

Container Gardens Need Drainage

When you are working with containers, one of the most important factors to consider is drainage. Whether the plant needs a lot of water or barely any, you will still want to make sure you have a layer of river rocks at the bottom of large containers and all containers should have a drain hole.

Container Gardens Need Light

Choose places for your containers that give your plants the light they need. Some will need full sun while others will only need a few hours of sunlight each day. Observe how the light comes into your home and choose the location that best suits what you’re trying to grow.

Container Gardens Need Water and Soil

Particularly when you are first seeding your container garden or have transplanted small sprouts, water lightly but often. You can ensure plenty of nutrients for your container plants by using soil from your composter for planting. Supplement with natural nutrients like eggshells, coffee, and even veggie scraps.

Containers are not just for those with limited spaces; they can be used to add visual interest to any outdoor landscape as well. Consider adding containers to your garden to contain the growth of plants like mint or lavender that might otherwise choke out other plants.

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