The Buzz about Bees

bee mrgThe decimation of the bee population is no longer a question, and it’s not just honey bees but bumble bees, which are largely responsible for the pollination of tomato plants. Blamed on pesticides and pesticide residue being brought back to the hive, as well as viruses and parasites, the death of so many bees will be catastrophic to the environment. The fact is, humans cannot live without bees. What can you do to help? Thanks for asking – we have a few ideas.

1. Plant bee friendly flowers and plants.

Every gardener and farmer can help promote healthy bee populations simply by planting a variety of pollen-producing plants and flowers. Weeds are good for bees too, so don’t be too quick to rid your yard of those dandelions. There are many plants honey bees love. Start with this list.

2. Provide bee habitats

While honey bees live in hives, other bees will use any kind of shelter they can find, such as dead trees and underground nests. To help wood-nesting bees, set out bee blocks.


The best thing we can ALL do to help bees – and ourselves – is to stop using pesticides altogether. The delicate balance of the earth’s ecosystem and our own endocrine systems are being damaged by the residues these pesticides leave in plants that bees, animals and humans consume.



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