September Gardening Tips

September is a wonderful time of year for gardening. Not only are you enjoying the fruits (and veggies) of your summer labors, but fall gourds and sweet corn start making an appearance on dinner plates and fall flowers begin to brighten your garden space with new colors.

file6841289155549From sunflowers to zuchini and squash to the bright orange promise of future Jack-o-Lanterns, September gardening can be a delicious and beautiful treat.

September is also the perfect time to begin preparing your garden space for winter. As you gather the last of your harvest, you can begin to gather material to add to your compost. It is also a great time to prine back Spring blooms, corn stalks, and flowers. Dead head finished blooms from roses and other flowers as they end their bloom season.

If you’re looking for something new to add to your flower garden, it’s the perfect time of year for mums. Be sure to give them plenty of space; they will not only come back each year but will get fairly large. With a variety of colors, thee plants add a velvety rich texture to any flower garden.

Barnyard Products Has the Tools You Need

garden_hoe_575GThere is just something about late harvest that reminds us of back to school, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Whether it’s those last delectable ears of corn or the hint that the weather is about to change again, this later part of the season is certainly a time to be cherished. The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting yet another rough (cold and snowy) winter for much of the United States, so cherishing this last days of summer become even more important.

This is a great time of year to start preparing for fall composting. From early falling leaves to late-season grass clippings to leftover vegetable garden material, you can begin collecting the nutrients you need to make a great compost bed. Our made-in-America gardening tools, like Rogue hoes and Bully Tools rakes and shovels, not only make it easier to create and maintain your compost but ship free from and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Spring Garden Projects You Can Do Now

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpring was late in coming to much of the U.S., but now that it’s here, there’s likely very little time to get all of your spring garden projects done before summer starts in earnest. Here are five things that you can do now to be ready:

1. Clear drainage areas and ditches.

Over the winter, drainage areas become clogged with leaves and other debris; this material should be cleared from the drainage areas and ditches on your land and added to your compost.

2. Make repairs to raised flower and garden beds.

Depending on the materials used to build your raised garden beds, you may have wood rot issues. Now is the time to replace rotted or sagging boards. To make your raised bed sturdier, and to make it easier to create new raised beds, use our quick corners. This is also a good time to inspect trellises before vines begin growing back.

3. Reap the benefits of your composting efforts.

Use your compost to add mulch to gardens, flower beds and around trees (being sure to keep a few inches away from the trunk). Not only will mulch give new growth a boost of nutrients, but it can also help prevent weeds.

4. And speaking of weeds…

Early spring is a great time to rid your garden of weeds, as their roots are fairly shallow and they’ll be easy to pull. As you work, assess the soil and look for signs of grubs or other infestations that you can tackle now.

5. Prep your lawn.

Many landowners are moving away from ornamental lawns, replacing the space with gardens or drought-resistant plants. If you do have a lawn, however, now is the time to rake. Remove all of the leaves, branches and other debris from the surface of the lawn, and loosen the top layer of soil for better aeration. Identify bare patches that need re-soiled.

Spring has sprung. What’s on your list of to-dos this week?

Our gardening tools make the work of spring easier than ever. And when you’re working on projects around the yard and farm, extra towing capacity can make the work easier. Right now you can save $50 on select DMI hitches by using code 50DMIH at checkout.


Winter Yard Work, Part 2

While it would be nice to curl up with a good book in front of the fire and watch winter from the comfort of your window, there are always chores and winter yard work that need to be done during these frigid months, whether you are a city dweller with a green thumb or you have a working farm.


If you really want black gold for next season’s planting, you can’t ignore your compost pile during the winter. Compost requires regular turning to help encourage the waste to break down and release the nitrogen that will enrich the soil. A turning fork can make this job a lot easier, unless you’ve already discovered our compost bins, which can help get you back to your book in no time.

Clearing Snow

You may have a mile-long driveway to plow or just a few sidewalks to shovel. In any instance,  snowfall results in the need for snow removal. And if you have animals, it’s even more important to keep paths clear and ice free, for their safety and so you can get to them easily to provide fresh food and water. Winter is also a great time to do small projects to make life easier, like adding a coat rack to your mud room or garage, to store wet and muddy coats and jackets.

Preparing for the Planting Season

As winter progresses and the blues begin to set in, it’s a great time to start thinking about the next season’s garden. In fact, you can start creating your containers for a raised garden, which not only adds attractive landscaping but allows even those gardeners with smaller spaces to experience the joy of gardening.

How do you survive the winters that separate your growing seasons? Do you do any indoor gardening to help keep your thumb green? Share your ideas for keeping the winter blues away!

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Winter Yard Work, Part 1

While you might not spend as much time outside during the winter months as you would during the warmer ones, there is still plenty of winter yard work that needs to be done around the home or farm to keep things going during the winter. In this post, we’ll discuss ways you can prepare your home or farm for the winter season; in our follow up, we’ll talk about yard and garden chores you should continue doing throughout the winter.

Trees and Bushes

When the trees lose their leaves, it’s a great time to prune. Unobstructed by leaves, you can clearly see where limbs need to be thinned, and because the tree is dormant, you don’t risk damaging the tree. While not all trees can be pruned in the winter, many of them are best pruned this time of year. To protect bushes from harsh cold and wind, cover them with burlap; other plants and tall grasses should be cut back. Clippings can be added to your compost pile.

Equipment and Vehicles

Before the harsh cold of winter sets in, make sure that you change the oil in your vehicles, and perform any repairs to farm equipment so that you’re ready for the next season. Purchase and replace any winter tools you will need, such as snow shovels and pruning sheers. Also, consider investing in security cameras to help you monitor livestock and protect your property.

Turn Off and Disconnect Hoses

Frozen pipes can be one of the most frustrating winter problems, but by disconnecting hoses and turning off water supplies, insulating pipes and taking other measures to prevent frozen pipes, you can survive even the coldest winter without this issue. When you’re disconnecting hoses, assess them for damage. This is a good time to replace your hoses with drinking-water-safe hoses before the next season.

What do you do to prepare your home or farm for the winter season?

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Gardening Doesn’t Have to Stop in the Winter

If you have a green thumb, the gloomy gray of winter may bring with it a touch of sadness. There’s just nothing like being out in the garden, tilling the soil and pulling the weeds with the sun on your back, is there? But there are a number of things that you can do in the winter to keep your green thumb green.

Indoor Gardening

From container gardening to window sill herb gardens, you can put your gardening skills to work nurturing an indoor garden. All you need is an area of your home where the sunlight comes in through the window at least 60 percent of the day. Creating a container garden is relatively easy; just make sure your container offers adequate drainage (a layer of rocks under the soil and peat moss can help) and that you choose plants that can successfully grow in containers.

Prepping for the Next Gardening Season

You can start preparing now for the next growing season by:

  • Preparing a compost so that you have the richest possible soil
  • Making sure all of your garden tools are in good working order, replacing and repairing those that need it
  • Gathering the fall gardening tools you will need

As winter sets in, you can start considering which pasture seed grasses you will want to plant. These grasses are beneficial to farmers for improving yield and lawn health.

Give the Gift of Gardening to Others

With the holidays around the corner, you can instill in others a love for gardening, too. By encouraging children to garden or by giving the gift of gardening, you can share your love of gardening with the people in your life. We have a wide variety of windmills that make wonderful gifts for the farmers and gardeners in your life.

How do you keep your love of gardening alive all year? Share your ideas with us!


Fall Yard Prep

Caring for your yard is a year-round process, but a little preparation on your part can make a huge difference from one season to the next. As fall settles in, there are several fall yard prep chores that need to be done in order to prepare your yard to shift from the heat of summer to the cold of winter.

Raking Leaves

One of the fall jobs most people endure is raking leaves. This is the time of year when the beautiful colors that have been decorating the fall trees and painting the horizon begin to canvas the ground. To ensure a healthy lawn in the spring, it is important to rake the leaves and not leave them on the ground throughout winter. Fallen leaves will stifle the lawn if they are left for the duration of winter. To get the job done right, you may need more than one kind of rake. When your job is complete, consider using the leaves to create your own compost.


Another important step in preparing your yard for the winter months is to disconnect all garden hoses from your house; then, stow them away, protected from the winter elements. As well, if you have an automatic sprinkling system, be sure to blow out or drain your water lines, to avoid any problems related to frozen and broken pipes.

Having the right tools to manage your lawn care makes all the difference in the world. Whether you are raking leaves in the fall, shoveling snow in the winter or planting flowers in the spring, adequate tools and equipment are proven essentials for getting the job done correctly and with relative ease. At Barnyard, we have a large variety of yard and garden tools that can help you complete your fall yard work faster and easier.