September Gardening Tips

September is a wonderful time of year for gardening. Not only are you enjoying the fruits (and veggies) of your summer labors, but fall gourds and sweet corn start making an appearance on dinner plates and fall flowers begin to brighten your garden space with new colors.

file6841289155549From sunflowers to zuchini and squash to the bright orange promise of future Jack-o-Lanterns, September gardening can be a delicious and beautiful treat.

September is also the perfect time to begin preparing your garden space for winter. As you gather the last of your harvest, you can begin to gather material to add to your compost. It is also a great time to prine back Spring blooms, corn stalks, and flowers. Dead head finished blooms from roses and other flowers as they end their bloom season.

If you’re looking for something new to add to your flower garden, it’s the perfect time of year for mums. Be sure to give them plenty of space; they will not only come back each year but will get fairly large. With a variety of colors, thee plants add a velvety rich texture to any flower garden.