Flower Planting Guide by Month

irisIf you only plant crocuses or tulips, you’ll only enjoy blooms for a month or two at best, and then it will be back to drab, green plants that are just a reminder of what once was (and a hint that you’re one step closer to another winter).

To keep blooms fresh and lively in your garden all year, refer to this handy flower planting guide that will help you plan your garden so that as one set of blooms are wrapping up, another is just budding.

Hibiscus These tall, striking flowers will bloom from spring until fall. They can grow up to eight feet tall, though, so keep that in mind when planting.

Petunias Petunias will also bloom from early spring to late summer, especially if you get the purple vine style. They look wonderful in hanging baskets and planters

Other multi-month bloomers include Globe Amaranth and Day Lilies.

 April-May Blooms

Choose a variety of crocus and grape hyacinths for the first-hint-of-spring blooms that bring us all hope the summer is on its way.

May-June Blooms

Tulips, Daffodils, and some Iris varieties will bloom well in the late spring to early summer.

July-August Blooms

Bearded Iris, as well as Dahlias, Zinnias, and even wild flowers like Wild-Eyed Susans will do well during the hottest summer months.


Add lovely color to any garden in the fall with Aster, Goldenrod, and Perennial Sunflowers. Some climates will also support beautiful Red Spider Lilies.

Winter Bloomers

In our area of the country, it gets too cold for much of anything to survive, including humans. Some areas, however, will continue to be able to grow hardier flowers such as poppies and peonies. Check out this list of the top winter plants to inspire even more landscaping creativity.